Jatin Sharma

Kriya Kundalini yoga – What I experienced is mainly focused on clearing out of negative energy from our energy centers(i.e chakras) and ultimately on awakening of dormant divine energy located at our mooladhar chakra which connects us to the divine consciousness.

It involves various hath yoga asanas, pranayam(conscious breathing) techniques and bandhas. All of these methods prepare our body to handle that divine energy.

First of all we need to have complete faith in this process and with that faith we need to practice it wholeheartedly without any judgement.

This process gradually increases our level of consciousness and we tend to live in present without having worries of our past and future. It energizes each and every cell of our body, improves our breathing technique, silences our mind up to the level where we just tend to sit in silence and do nothing and start enjoying wholeness of our being.

Layer by layer it removes all our subconscious fears and accumulated beliefs. But all of that accumulated garbage can’t be undone in very short period of time. It needs time and consistent practice and this process takes us through various stages of unlearning and unwinding of past accumulations which we are not.

It de-clutters our mind and detaches us from everything and ultimately brings peace. But yes, meanwhile our energy doesn’t always remain positive, it fluctuates sometimes according to our external environment or when subconsciously our mind is not in our control. But then we should not get disheartened and instead we should pick ourselves up and get back to our practice again.

It always helps. And perhaps Twin flame journey is not about connecting with any other person, it is all about connecting with our true inner self and all other things will be taken care of automatically.

We need to have faith that whatever is happening on earthly planes is happening for our highest good. And miracles will start happening in your lives.